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Hardening the Security

October 21, 2009
Photo by ultraBobban

Photo by ultraBobban

WordPress has released a new security release of it’s 2.8 series platform for public. It is to harden the security aspects of WordPress in general. Particularly, it is to fix the Trackback DOS attack on various blog powered by the previous version.

If you have not updated your WordPress yet, do it right away. As Matt said a few weeks back, a stitch in time saves nine.



Show off Your Blog Proudly

October 20, 2009

I spend 90% of my time with computers. Yet, my family doesn’t even spend two minutes of their time in the same (doesn’t even look inside my workplace). It’s very hard for me to show off what I’ve been doing. Today, announced a great addition to their list of features to bring in themes that are specifically designed for mobiles! Wow! Now, I can go to family and friends, and show off what crazy little things I’ve been doing.

Happy Blogging! 🙂

Microsoft Loves WordPress, Brings Three Plugins

October 20, 2009
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Photo by Jlibecap

Microsoft brings in three new plugins for Live Writer users. Here is the summary of them…

Tagline: The first plugin lets users to change the tagline automatically using their twitter account. Once connected with twitter, it changes the tagline according to the latest tweet that does not contain @.
Manage Comments: The next plugin lets the users to manage their comments right from their Live Writer interface.
Custom Fields: The final plugin allows the users to make full use the custom fields structure available while posting new posts.

For more info, visit source.

Happy Plugging! 🙂

Comment Count for Registered Users

October 20, 2009
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Check out this HOT Tweak from WPRecipies that displays the number of comments of any registered user. Isn’t it COOL way to encourage your registered users?

Happy Tweaking! 🙂

Clever Plugins

October 19, 2009

Products Offered:

Twitter Control Center – are your twitter accounts uncontrollable?
my Video Poster – post youtube videos automatically!
SEO Booster PRO – wanna top in google?
my SEO Status – see what you do!
my Users Ping for Me – a FREE plugin!!!

Website: CleverPlugins

Happy Plugging! 🙂